Crazy Crew Dog Toy Commander Balldrin (Green) Medium

Can Pet

$13.49 CAD 

Pet’s Crazy Crew dog toys are made up of a band of ball bandits, each with a loony facial expression revealing teeth and tongue. Hyper Pet’s Crazy Crew Commander Balldrin dog toy is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam which is recyclable and non-porous which means it won’t act like a sponge and absorb dirt and grime. The soft foam material is easy on sensitive teeth, making it great for senior sidekicks. Commander Balldrin also floats, which means it’s the paw-fect toy for the pool, lake or beach!

Featured Benefits:

  • Floats in water, so you can play fetch with your dog at the beach, lake or pool!
  • Made with recyclable, lightweight EVA foam.
  • The paw-fect toy for canine companions with sensitive teeth.
  • Delivers an unpredictable roll and bounce thanks to the complex and satisfying texture.
  • The foam is designed to retain it’s shape even after your dog fetches it.

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