DefinePlanet Catnip Active Balls 3ct


$15.99 CAD 

Define Planet is dedicated to its goal for always producing every day pet essentials as Eco-friendly as possible. We aim to create products that you need on a daily basis for all the lovable fur babies in your life. Our products are friendly on the earth and friendly on you, our products are for all those great environmentally conscious pet parents. From meal time, to walk time, to poop time, to play time to nap time, we will have you covered. We are growing tremendously and we promise to give you products that are going to be great for you, your pet and the environment. We are also committed to supporting great animal friendly grassroots charities. Check out our ‘Together We Support’ initiative to learn more about how we are helping in your communities. Help us to help the earth with our great products.

Our Eco-Kitty Silver Vine Activity Balls are made of 100% Shredded Silver Vine held together using natural gum. Silver Vine has been used for many years for its health benefits. The ecstatic response to Silver Vine by cats makes a good alternative to catnips. Silver Vine has a more potent fragrance that is guaranteed to stimulate and excite cats.

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