Dentler Split Antler Chew


$16.99 CAD 


No additives or preservatives. 
Source of calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin.

Dentler uses only freshly fallen wood of grade AA and A grades . Darker in color, they are unaltered by the sun and the weather. The absence of cracks and cracks on these premium woods prevents the risk of premature crumbling and breakage.

Deer antlers are deciduous bony prominences that grow each year on both sides of the deer skull. The shoot, which lasts about four months, is between May and August. Their growth is on average one centimeter a day. Each year, the deer display their new branches until February, then they naturally lose them until April, when a new cycle begins. It is the only organ able to regenerate entirely in mammals. The woods are then recovered in the forest, without any animal being subjected to ill treatment.

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