Dog Treat Naturals Turkey Blueberry Sticks - 10oz

Triton Animal Supplies Inc.


Blueberries are synonymous with superfood for good reason. Loaded with a multitude of antioxidants and paired with blackstrap molasses, turmeric and black pepper, this is one super healthy and tasty treat!

While the most common causes of dog bad breath are poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease, there can be underlying issues you should keep your eye on.

Ingredients like parsley and mint are not only a bad breath remedy, but also contain chlorophyll, which works as a natural antimicrobial to rid the teeth and gums of the odor causing bacteria.

It’s also important to address the strength and density of teeth to avoid the formation of cavities. Ingredients that deliver calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, can do teeth a world of good. Blackstrap molasses also delivers these essential minerals in spades.

Bad breath can also be attributed to an imbalance in healthy gut flora. Apple, chickpeas, and brewer’s yeast help to promote beneficial bacteria to help keep digestive flora in balance ~ it's also a great high-quality probiotic.

Dental health can be tricky enough for people, let alone our four-legged friends. If you suspect your dog may have underlying issues, the safest bet is always to pay a visit to the vet.

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