Doggles Canine Flotation Jacket Pink SALE


$24.99 CAD $37.99 CAD

Get wet and wild this summer with all your canine friends. Don't forget about safety first! Our flotation jacket has an attachable chin float with a locking zipper. Bright contrasting colors can be easily spotted in rough water. Safety first! Features a low profile handle with D rings and reflective trim throughout, which adds even more safety.

Size Chart:                    Length of Back                                Girth

Teacup                               6"/15 cm                                    10-14"/25-35 cm

XXS                                   8"/20 cm                                     14-19"/35-48 cm

XS                                     10"/25 cm                                   17-25"/ 43-63 cm

Small                                 13"/33 cm                                   17-30"/43-76 cm

Medium                             17"/43 cm                                    23-35"/58-89 cm

Large                                 20"/50 cm                                   30-45"/76-114 cm

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