Dogit Cork-Screw Tie Out Stake - Red Handle - 9 mm x 40 cm


$11.99 CAD 

The Dogit Cork-Screw Tie-Out Stake allows your pet the freedom to roam while offering safety and security. Recommended for use with the Dogit Tie-out Cable. Attach one end of the tie-out cable to your pet's collar, the other to the tie-out stake. Screw stake into ground. 

Your pet can now roam the yard safely, reach shade, and water - but without the risk of running into the street and getting injured (Dogit Tie-out Cable sold separately).

Dogit Cork-Screw Tie-Out Stake, 40 cm (15 3/4 in) x 9 mm.  Chrome plated with red handle. 

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