Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy for Dogs SALE


$16.00 $23.00

Physical exercise and mental stimulation are important for your dog's well-being. Working with your dog?s natural hunting instincts, Dogit Mind Games provides your dog with a fun, engaging experience that challenges both his physical and mental abilities.
Dogit Mind Games is 3 games in one (Hide-and-Seek; Spin-a-Whirl; Sliding Puzzle), each one designed to encourage your dog's problem-solving skills while promoting bonding and playtime with your pet.

Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy for Dogs. 3 games in 1: Hide-and-Seek; Spin-a-Whirl; Sliding Puzzle.
Includes :

White/blue game board
4 green pop tops
Green wheel white and blue center pieces,

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