Dogit Pet Tether Dog Tie-out Cable - Blue - Medium - 4.6 m (15 ft)


$18.99 CAD 

Dogit Tie-Out Cables provide strength and durability in all kinds of weather. The vinyl coated industrial cable is quieter than linked chains and will not dig up lawns as dog moves. It also minimizes friction and does not tangle like metal chains.

The cable reduces risk of injury by lessening the chance of catching on any obstructions, and its unique tangle-free loop fitting allows you to attach the cable around trees, poles or posts.

When cable is exposed to adverse weather conditions for extended periods, regularly lubricate snaps with petroleum jelly or other rust preventative.

Key Features :

  •  Allows freedom with safe restraint
  •  Strong, durable longer lasting weatherproof vinyl coating
  •  Tangle-free heavy duty snaps
  •  Easy to clean and store

Dogit Tie-Out Cable, Blue, Medium (4.6m/15ft). Weatherproof vinyl coated galvanized cable (4.6m / 15ft, 417kg / 920lb test cable), heavy-duty tangle-free snap attachments with 360 degree swivel.

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