Dr.Elsey's Silica Gel Senior Cat Litter 8 lb


$29.99 CAD 

Helps Prevent Kidney Failure and Urinary Tract Infection, Traps Urine and Odor on Contact, Biodegradable, and Non-Toxic.

Precious Cat Senior Litter

I have received a number of questions and or comments about the Precious Cat Senior litter. In light of these questions, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss how to use the Senior litter and the benefits of using the litter.

The Senior litter was invented to be used with senior, overweight and pregnant cats but can be used for any age of cat. The reason for the above classification is that this particular group of cats sometimes has a problem with soiling their genital area and if this occurs there is a likelihood of a retrograde urinary tract infection. Senior cats are 45 times more likely to have a urinary tract infection as a result of not being able to keep their genital area clean and having more diluted urine. The litter grows no bacteria and it does not stick to the coat of the cat. Its small particle size and dust fines coat and dehydrate cat feces to reduce odor and prevent bacterial growth of E-Coli, E-Coli bacteria grows on feces and along with reduced natural body defenses can lead to kidney failure, urinary and uterine infections. Most cats will take right to the litter since the litter is fine and soft and pleasing to cat’s paws. Precious Cat Senior is made from amorphous silica gel. It is safe if inhaled or ingested and does not cause silicosis because it has no crystalline silica. The Senior litter and also our Long Hair litter are green products and they are both biodegradable.

Now for how to use the litter – we recommend putting about an inch to an inch and a half of litter in the box. Of course if you have more than one cat we do recommend one box for each cat plus one. You would take out the feces on a daily basis and then rake the litter around to refresh it. The litter looks like it clumps at first and then will flatten out – the Senior litter does not clump so by raking the litter around you are using the litter in the box to absorb the urine. After about 2 weeks you would simply dump the entire contents of the box and start over again. This however is not a hard and fast rule it will vary by urine output of your cat. Transitioning into using the Senior litter can be done one of two ways. Either top your existing litter with the Senior litter slowly removing your existing litter and adding more Senior litter or by placing an additional box with the Senior litter and giving your cat a choice.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Senior litter and its use. Until next time please hug your cat.

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