Eco Spaw Natural Stain & Odor Spray Bottle 24 oz

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$27.99 CAD 

EcoSpaw Natural Stain & Odour 750mL Spray Bottle exclusive formulation is all natural, non-toxic, 100% pure plant based and is enhanced through nanotechnology. This is the most powerful and proven deodorizer on the market.

Nanotechnology is the only science in the world that is able to 100% eliminate odor molecules where every single generic product only masks them with larger chemicals ! That is because odor molecules are so tiny that only nano particles ( one billion times smaller than a meter) can penetrate them. Odors are largely responsible for the origins of bacteria. 

This futuristic science works at the smallest possible scale known to life allowing for complete penetration and elimination of any stain and odour molecule on its path.  This unique formulation is designed for all uses as it allows to completely eliminate odors, stains, bacteria and grease on pets and any surface such as fabrics, tiles, carpet, vinyl, wood, and stone as it is completely tearless.

When used on pets, it rejuvenates the coating and damaged skin by healing and disinfecting the wounds, dry and hot spots !

Formula contains hypoallergenic, tearless and anti-itch properties which allows for usage as needed without worry.

This chemical-free pet stain & odor remover is biodegradable, pH balanced and non-steroidal.  

How does it work?

Nano particles are extremely small (colloidal) molecules. These particles create a unique hydrocarbon release agent that lifts oils, dirt, grease and odor molecules. Nano particles break apart those molecules into water-soluble, biodegradable components.

Ingredients: Bio based formula consisting of botanic plant based enzymes and minerals, organic alcohols, sodium bicarbonate, fatty acids and soybean oil blended with water.

DO NOT contain: Acids; Ammonia; Animal Products; Chlorine; Glycol Ethers; Harmful Detergents; Ozone Depleting Substances; Petroleum Distillates; Sulfates; Parabens; Phosphates; Synthetic Chemicals; Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Eco-Pet Shower has been laboratory tested (for VOCs, SVOCs/POMs, Biocides, Pyrethroids, PCBs, PAHs, Organophosphates and Phthalates) and found to be absolutely non-toxic and harmless to animals and humans.

* biodegradable

* vegan

* cruelty free

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