Enviro Fresh Chew Prevention Indoor Outdoor 950 ml


$10.99 CAD 


Enviro Fresh Chew Prevention Spray is a unique formula for preventing dogs & cats from chewing and licking just about anything they find interesting. No need to keep tasting the awful taste, our formula with mild Green Tea & Bamboo fragrance teaches them to associate smell with bad taste. This results in your pet learning not to chew or lick repeatedly once they smell the fragrance.

For indoor use, spray on furniture, shoes, and blankets. Just back from the Veterinarian, use for preventing them from chewing their bandages. OUTDOOR use, keep stray dogs & cats from marking their territory on your property. Spray weekly on garbage bins, around flower beds and shrubs to keep raccoons and others away.


Shake bottle well before each application. Hold bottle about 4 inches from target, mist on and let dry naturally. Each pet’s sensitivity is unique. Reapply as often as needed, usually between 1 to 5 days. For large areas or fragile rugs etc, spray an old rag and place the rag on the area you want to protect. ALWAYS test for colorfastness in a hidden area and wait 24 hours for results. NOTE, this product is a training aid, always praise your pet for good behaviour and teach them right from wrong using this product to help.


May be mildly irritating if taken internally or if placed in direct contact with eyes. Immediate dilution internally or externally is advised. Keep out of reach of children.


Filteredwater, bitter agents, isopropyl alcohol, fragrance

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