Canadian Marigold Coat Conditioning Pet Spray SALE


$18.99 CAD $22.99 CAD

*this product has been renamed

Marigold Spray can be used on everything from your cat and dog to your horse.

If you loved our Marigold Spray, you’ll love this too! Canadian Marigold Spray is a moisturizing spray that does not coat your horse’s skin or hair. Developed specifically to attract and bind moisture captured from the air to your pet’s skin and coat. EQyss Canadian Marigold Spray uses a unique blend of ingredients that adds intense moisture to any coat type or length without leaving a slippery or weighted residue. Canadian Marigold Spray can be used daily, especially after grooming or brushing. Safe to breathe. Silicone free. Will not burn eyes. For best results, use with Premier Shampoo and Premier Conditioner for maximum, yet gentle, cleaning, color intensifying, and conditioning. For all mammals of any age, even pregnant ones! Tropical scent. Canadian Bilingual Labeling.

  • Moisturizes and conditions skin & coat
  • Enhances shine
  • Protects coat from bleaching out
  • Repels dust & dirt and reduces static electricity
  • Leaves non-slip finish
  • Gets rid of “pet odors”

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