Gf Pet Elastofit Boots Small Dog



The comfortable and stretchy winter dog boots

The GF PET® patented Elasto-fit® boots fit your dog's unique paw shape. They are super stretchy, easy to slip on and they have elastics all around an extra-tall shaft to hug more of your dog's leg. Secure them with the extra velcro strap to keep them snug!  The traction control sole helps your dog's paws grip onto ice, snow, rain and pavement. Made of water-resistant neoprene, they can be cut lower to fit shorter legs.


  • Easy stretch & slip-on design
  • Elasto-fit® all around to keep the boot snug
  • Adjustable velcro closure & straps
  • Traction control sole
  • Water resistant
  • When in doubt, size down!
  • Tall leg - cut top for shorter legs
  • Shell:100% neoprene
  • Sole: 100% pvc


  1. Stretch the boot open
  2. Slide paw into the toe of the boot
  3. Relax the elastic leg portion to hug dog's leg
  4. Close vertical velcro to desired tightness
  5. Secure in place with horizontal velcro strap.

Spot clean. Hang to dry. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean.

Caution: Do not leave pet unattended while using this item. Pets can chew items unexpectedly.

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