Giggle Grass – Organic Catnip Spray 60ml

MJM Pets

$6.49 CAD 

Catnip spray induces FUN into any object! Use on toys, scratching posts or even boxes! Giggle Grass catnip spray is extremely potent and irresistible to cats. It is non addictive, non toxic and won’t stain clothing or fabrics.

Giggle Grass Pet Products is a Canadian Company and all of their other products are MADE IN CANADA but this Spray is imported from Africa and packaged in Canada. They searched the globe for the most potent catnip spray and this is it! From the plains of Africa, this is the world’s wildest!

Giggle Grass Pet Products began with a dream to provide better products for cats that are safe, more durable and free from harmful chemicals. Today they are still a family owned and operated company committed to producing quality pet products that are eco friendly, sustainable and biodegradable.

Catnip and Catnip Spray is a safe and fun way to interact with your cat. Catnip promotes mental and physical activity through play.

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