Grober Pets Colostrum


$44.99 CAD 

Product Details

Looking for the best pet health supplement for your furry friends? Look no further than Grober Pets Colostrum! Our veterinarian developed formula is made with natural ingredients and provides a wide range of pet health benefits. From supporting a healthy immune system and tissue growth to promoting digestive function and skin and hair coat health, Grober Pets Colostrum has it all. Plus, our delicious colostrum is loved by dogs and cats alike. For the ultimate in pet health, choose Grober Pets Colostrum.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports a healthy, robust immune system helping them fight off various infections, diseases, and allergies
  • Helps with recovery and healing
  • Can help strengthen the immune system of older pets and support their overall vitality and well-being
  • Supports healthy teeth and gums, promoting the health of periodontal tissue
  • Maintains a healthy digestive function
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair coat
  • Dogs and cats love the taste!

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