Kind + Kind Hip & Joint 4 oz

MJM Pets

$17.99 CAD 

Kin + Kind Hip & Joint Dog and Cat Supplement is a natural, organic raw golden powdered supplement enriched with all natural and organic ingredients. Using USDA certified organic vegan products like coconut, turmeric and black pepper, Once mixed into your pet's food this powder will help aid and support both bone and joint health and also provide anti-inflammatory properties to help get your pet a little boost in his everyday routine.

Suitable only for cats and dogs of all life stages and breeds, this supplement uses no GMO ingredients, grains, artificial ingredients, preservatives, synthetic nutrients and chemical processing. Kin + Kind uses only vegan products found on farms that do not use harmful farming practices are vet formulated, never tested on animals and cruelty-free. Available in a 113.4 ml (4 oz) container, Made in the USA. 

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