Kong Pull-A-Partz Cheezy Cat Toy

pet science

$14.99 CAD 

Product Information:

3-toys-in-1 for infinite playtime variety
Grab & pull toy entices hunt & capture play
Crackly mouse, ideal for wrestling & hind paw kicking fun
Overstuffed detachable cheese toy fulfills catch & bat instincts

KONG Pull-a-Partz Cheezy provides an infinite playground of fun, appeasing even the most curious of cats. Featuring 3-toys-in-1, the unique grippable patches allow cats to dismantle the toy again and again, fulfilling their natural hunt and capture needs. The large, crackly mouse features long legs and arms, inviting full-body wrestling and hind paw kicking while the detachable cheese toy fulfills bat and catch instincts. Packed full of KONG North American Premium Catnip, this toy ensures that playtime is endless.

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