Kong Puppy Original


$7.69 CAD 

Kong's Original Puppy Toy is the original toy that started the Kong Puppy product line made with the exclusive teething rubber formula. Now, everybody loves puppies-until they chew up your shoes. It's not completely their fault: the little scamps are driven to ease sore gums and try out developing teeth.

Made from a special rubber formulation that's more flexible than regular Kongs, these puppy toys make an excellent substitute for your favorite pair of shoes, soothing teething pains and encouraging healthy mouth and jaw development. They also help puppies learn the appropriate way to channel chewing urges--an investment that will pay off over the entire lifetime of the dog.

Just like big-dog Kongs, these beehive-shaped puppy chews have a goofy, unpredictable bounce for hours of chasing and fetching fun, and the hollow construction is ideal for stuffing with treats to keep puppies busy and happy while their owners are away.

For a cool (though messy) treat to soothe painful gums, seal one end with peanut butter, fill with water or broth, and freeze. For dogs 15-35lbs

Toy is perfect in combination with the Kong Stuff'N Puppy Treat paste, Puppy Snacks or Puppy Ziggies

Available in Small, Medium and Large. 

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