Kung Fu Kitty - Dragon Tail Cat Wand

MJM Pets

$13.99 CAD 

Cats love leather.  They love the smell and texture, they love to rub and chew on leather.  The Kung Fu Kitty Leather Toy uses a faux fur end with leather tails, giving your cat an extra reward for catching this toy.

• 24” wand and cable length allow ease of storage and use

• Flexi Spring Action Cable helps provide bounce, resistance, and animation to the toy’s faux fur end

• 20” cord for maximum reach and sway

• Faux fur end with leather tassels mimic real life prey and trigger predatory instincts

• Leather is vegetable tanned and processed in the USA

• Kung Fu Clip!™ Replaceable End increases the longevity of the toy and allows users to change the action of the toy with a simple click

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