Living World Wheel Delights - Herb/Hay - 2-pack


$4.99 CAD 

Living World Wheel Delights are tasty and nutritious treats for small animals. Highly palatable, these enticing treats contain dried or freeze-dried ingredients that come only from matured crops.
The treats consist of a fine selection of ingredients, gently compressed into a healthy and crunchy format that your small critter will enjoy. No pre-cooking, baking, gluing or extrusion takes place during the making of these scrumptious delights, so that vital fibre is preserved to help support natural digestion and well-being.
In addition, they do not contain other additives, binding agents, flavours, sugar, colouring or preservatives. The crispy treats also provide many other health benefits: they're an 'effective way to trim your small animal's teeth; they satisfy your small pet's constant need to gnaw; and they provide hours of challenging exercise and entertainment to help relieve boredom.
Key Features :

Tasty and nutritious treats for small animals
Contain dried or freeze-dried ingredients from matured crops
Crunchy treat format that critters will enjoy
No pre-cooking, baking, gluing or extrusion
Preserved fibre helps support natural digestion and well-being
No additives, binding agents, flavours, sugar, colouring or preservatives
Effective way to trim teeth relieve urge to gnaw
Relieves boredom by providing outlet for exercise and entertainment
Flavour: Herbs & Hay
2 treats per pack

Other Flavours available :

60690 Living World Wheel Delights, Carrot, Tomato & Herbs
60692 Living World Wheel Delights, Apple, Banana & Orange
60693 Living World Wheel Delights, Passion Fruits & Flowers


Feeding Guide :
The treats come with a convenient holder for secure installation on wire cages or hangers. Feed one treat at a time. Replace when necessary.
Ingredients :
Extruded corn, dehydrated hay, freeze dried thyme, freeze dried parsley, freeze dried chives, freeze dried sage.
Guaranteed Analysis :
Crude Protein 9.2% (min), Crude Fat 3.3% (min), Crude Fibre 6.7% (max), Moisture 10% (max).

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