Messy Mutts Stainless Steel Elevated Double Bowl Feeder Red


$59.99 CAD 

MESSY MUTTS Stainless Steel Elevated Double Bowl Feeder Red


Grows with your dog. 3 sizes of legs included.


Includes 3 sets of legs to accommodate 3 different heights: 3, 5 and 10 inches.

Ergonomic and promotes healthy digestion.

Made from FDA approved food grade materials.

BPA Free. PVC Free.

Durable stainless steel bowl.

Non-slip silicone feet.

Capacity: 5 cups per bowl.

Your ‘one-stop feeder’ for all of your messy mutt’s needs.  This double feeder not only accommodates food and water with its 2 stainless steel bowl inserts and contains spills with its wide lip and raised edge border, but it also grows with your dog! The 3 different heights make feeding easier, cleaner and healthier for your dog.

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