Moderna Water Bubble Water Dispenser

Can Pet

$13.99 CAD 

Moderna Water Bubble Gray Pet Waterer

The Moderna Water Bubble is the perfect water dispenser.  It is a gravity pet waterer that makes water continuously flow throughout the day.  The lock-in hopper prevents knocking over.  The clear water reservoir makes it easy to monitor the water level.  It has a wide mouth bottle for easy hand washing and for keeping the reservoir hygienic.  The base is dishwasher safe.


  • Gravity pet waterer for continuous flow throughout day
  • Lock-in hopper prevents knocking over
  • Clear water reservoir makes it easy to monitor water level
  • Wide mouth bottle
  • Easy to clean
  • Stop valve makes refills convenient
Item Specifications:

1.9 Litre
3.78 Litre

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