Molly Meow - Duvet Cover - Red - 20" round

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The Molly Mutt Perfect Afternoon Round Dog Duvet Cover is an eco-friendly alternative to a traditional dog or cat bed. This stylish duvet is cleverly designed to be stuffed with old blankets, towels, pillows or sheets to create a comfy spot for your cat to curl up. It’s made with 100% cotton canvas that’s pre-shrunk and machine washable for easy cleaning. If you keep two on hand, you can move the stuffing to the second one while the first is in the washer. Using old clothes and textiles that you already have is an environmentally responsible option, and your dog will love it because the bed will smell like you.

Key Benefits
  • Duvet cover can be stuffed with old clothes and fabric to create a comfortable dog bed.
  • Can help to calm and soothe pets since it’s stuffed with clothes that have your scent.
  • Eco-friendly and creative dog bed alternative allows you to reuse and upcycle your belongings.
  • Made from 100% cotton canvas that is pre-shrunk and machine washable with easy-close zippers.
  • Choose from a variety of adorable patterns to keep your pup resting in style.

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