Farmina Ancestral Grain Adult Medium/Maxi 33 lbs (BONUS BAG) Dry Dog Foods

MJM Pets

$104.99 CAD 

NEW Farmina Natural & Delicious Ancestral Grain Select. An extra-large bag at an extra value. Perfect for large breeds and multi-dog homes with 6.6 lbs FREE compared to a regular 25.4 lb bag!

N&D Ancestral Grain Select:

  • Ancestral Grain Chicken, Spelt, Oats & Pomegranate
  • Contains additional 1,000mg/kg of taurine
  • 33 lb bag vs. regular 26.4 lb = 6 lbs FREE
  • 90% protein from animal sources
  • Formulated for Med/Maxi
  • Single variety available
  • Potato & legume-free
  • Free of meals & by-products
  • Calorie Content (calculated) M.E.:
    • 3698kcal/kg – 1 Cup = 96g =

*not eligible for Farmina Frequent buyer program

Farmina Pet Food

Farmina Natural & Delicious is an Italian product designed and developed to be naturally appropriate to the metabolism and to the palatability of dogs and cats. Providing quality and formulas to promote healthy pets and prevent diseases, such as obesity and diabetes.

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