NaturVet - Odokleen Deodorizing Cleaner 16 oz


$25.29 CAD 

Deodorizing Cleaner

OdoKleen® effectively eliminates odors on contact as it removes dirt and grime. Concentrated for economy. Dilutes 256 to 1. Mild – Safe for all washable surfaces and fabrics. No harsh alkalies, acids, ammonia, petroleum distillate or phenol. May be used around animals, including puppies and kittens. Do not use directly on animals.

Appropriate for all washable surfaces such as crates, grooming tables, exam tables, kennels, and fabrics. It will not discolor clothing and has no bleach odor. Less expensive to use than bleach. Apply with mop, sponge or sprayer; and may be added to carpet shampoo when cleaning and deodorizing carpeting. Not for use directly on pets.
• Eliminates odors and cleans on contact
• Deodorizes all washable surfaces
• Super concentrated formula
• One half-ounce makes a gallon of ready-to-use deodorizing cleaner
• Does not contain phenol, alkalies, acids or ammonia
• Phosphate free

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