NaturVet - Outta My Box 500 Soft Chews


$41.79 CAD 

Deters Dogs From Eating Cat Stools

Have a dog that invades the litter box to snack on cat stools? Stop the worry and hassle of monitoring your dog and guarding your cat’s litter box. Simply give our tasty Outta My Box™ Soft Chews to both the dog and cat. Our veterinarian formulated and patent pending ProBioStrive™ contains natural active ingredients to provide a dual action process.

#1 For Dogs: provides key ingredients to help your dog lose the cravings for cat stools while helping to maintain optimal GI balance.
#2 For Cats: helps reduce the stool odors making the feces in the litter box less desirable to dogs.

For use in dogs and cats over the age of 12 weeks.
Must be given to both dog and cat.
50 Day Supply

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