Nylabone Puppy Chew - Twin Pack Wolf Ring/Flexi Combo


$21.09 CAD 

  • Great value for money - 2 in 1 pack
  • Helps remove tartar and plaque for healthy teeth
  • Flavour impregnated all the way through the bone
  • Vet approved product

The Puppy Chew Twin Pack is the perfect combination of puppy toys for your new fur kid! This puppy pack has two long-lasting chew toys designed to encourage healthy chewing habits. The first toy is made of soft, flexible material made just for puppies who need teething relief or a gentle chewing session. The second is a durable nylon bone for when your puppy gets all his adult teeth. Both puppy chew toys help promote clean teeth and discourage unhealthy chewing habits. Give your puppy even MORE taste with a medley of delicious flavors throughout! Color may vary.

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