Omega Alpha - HerbaCoat

Omega Alpha

$39.99 CAD 

Omega Alpha HerbaCoat uses all-natural ingredients to relieve and treat hot spots and other skin irritations on dogs.

This treatment uses herbal oils and extracts to provide soothing relief and prevent further irritants from affecting your pet. These herbal ingredients act as anti-histamines and also anti-inflammatory agents to reduce your pet's discomfort.

Omega Alpha HerbaCoat is formulated specifically to use on dogs after they have received a bath. This formulation comes in a 4 ounce spray bottle that allows for simple administration of the treatment. This versatile spray can treat a wide variety of afflictions, so order it for your dog today!

Key Features:
  • Treats hot spots, insect bites, insect stings
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine agents
  • 4 oz spray bottle for easy application


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