Omega One Frozen Pod Pouch - Mysis Shrimp - 30 pk


$10.99 CAD 


Frozen Pod Pouch - Mysis Shrimp - 30 pk

Formulated by Omega One, this Frozen Pod Pouch contains 30 Mysis Shrimp pods. The specially designed stand-up pouch features a resealable opening makes storage a convenient process. However, what makes this product so impressive is the ingenious packaging of each individual pod!

Thawing your fish's food is now much cleaner and easier than it once was with traditional methods. This unique packaging also allows you to preserve any remaining food in a much cleanlier manner. Each quick-thaw pod contains whole, natural organisms with absolutely no preservatives.

Feeding your aquatic inhabitants this high-quality food will prove beneficial to their overall health and well-being. Manufactured with the use of an 8-step cleaning process, this diet is free from all impurities and bacteria. Plus, each specimen has been flash frozen upon harvesting, to ensure that all of the raw nutritional value has been retained.

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