Oster - Golden A5 Kit - 2 Speed


$365.99 CAD 


Powerful 2-speed motor
Cuts through thick, matted hair
Cool Running
Virtually unbreakable housing
Perfect for grooming cats, dogs, and large animals
Comes with step-by-step grooming DVD, storage case, grooming shears and cleaning supplies

The Oster® Golden A5™ 2-Speed Clipper handles everything from general purpose grooming to precision clipping at regular and high speed settings. This clipper is compatible with A5 Cryogen-X™ blade, Elite Cryogen-X™ blade and the wider Take-Down-Quick™ wide blade series.
Oster Golden A5, 2-Speed Clipper Features:
Heavy-duty animal clipper.
Powerful two-speed motor.
Cooler-running motor operates 20 degrees cooler than before.
Over 2700 strokes per minute.
Gear driven Universal motor has speeds for more efficient clipping.
Goes through thick matted hair easier because it's faster than the single speed clipper. Easy to handle.
Normal speed for general grooming and precise clipping and High speed for 1/3 faster - quick body clipping.
Virtually unbreakable housing.
Double Insulated UL approved.
Detachable blade system for quick easy blade changes and increased versatility.
Now compatible with Oster Take-Down-Quick (T.D.Q.) wide blades.
Cryogen-X blades are created using a unique cryogenic tempering process that deep freezes them to -300° F. The result is a dramatic increase in the steel's durability resulting in blades that require less frequent sharpening. Cryogen-X blades start out sharp - and stay sharp longer. With 36 standard and Elite Cryogen-X A5 blades and a series of Oster Take-Down-Quick (T.D.Q.) wide blades to choose from there's one that's perfect for your needs.
Oster Golden A5 2-Speed Clipper Includes:
Golden A5 2-Speed Clipper with Size 10 Cryogen-X Blade
Blade Oil
Cleaning Brushes
Storage Case (Durable Zippered Storage Pouch)
Grooming Shear
Step by Step DVD (grooming tutorial)

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