OurPets - Snagable Sheep Kicker


$13.49 CAD 


Give your energetic kitty the playtime fun he loves while helping to groom his nails naturally with the Snagable Sheep Kicker from OurPets. Designed to provide your cat with a holistic play experience, this interactive toy satisfies your kitty’s natural instinct to hunt with its lifelike sheep shape and texture. Because it’s made with looped, durable textured materials—just like a cat scratcher—it helps groom your cat’s claws during play. It’s also lightweight enough to be easily tossed, so you can watch your pal chase after it while providing much-needed exercise for both indoor and outdoor kitties. Plus, your little hunter will love the crinkle sound!

Key Benefits
  • Provides hours of play with kickable sheep shape, texture and crinkle sound.
  • Helps promote natural nail grooming with looped, durable textured materials.
  • Encourages and hones your cat’s natural hunting skills to stimulate his mind.
  • Lightweight so it’s easy to toss and provide much-needed exercise for your cat.
  • Great for cats of all ages and for indoor or outdoor kitties alike.

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