Pet Gear® Pro Pawty Soft Charcoal Medium SALE


$57.49 CAD $114.99 CAD

The Pet Gear® Pro Pawty is the first product of its kind. The Pro Pawty was designed to help train your dog to use a designated area "to go" in. The included tray can easily be slid in and out of the Pro Pawty to make cleaning a breeze. Because the Pro Pawty encloses the pad (or grass patch!) it guides dogs to use the center of the pad instead of going off the edge, saving you time on clean-up and protecting floors and carpets. You will no longer have to worry about your dog "missing" the pad or the pad slipping across the floor (ow worse). The stylish unit discreetly belnds into any room in your home, apartment, office or even hotel room and features fabric that can be easily maintained. The Pro Pawty sets up in seconds with no tools required. Whether you are house training your puppy or your dog has limited access to outdoors the Pro Pawty is the perfect solution.

25" L by 25" W by 25" H

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