Pet Pop Doggy Balm - Pink

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$22.99 CAD 

Doggy Balm - Black Paw & Nose Balm

Your active pooch could use a little pampering! Pet Pop Goods Doggy Balm is a top of the line formula designed to provide immediate soothing relief to dry noses, sore, cracked paws as well as worn out elbows. Much like humans, active dogs can suffer from ailments caused by the rough and tumble, playful lifestyle they enjoy, so a bit of extra protection against the elements is always important. The balm is safe for dogs of all ages and sizes, is made with all natural ingredients such as coconut oil and beeswax, and helps to keep your canine companion happy, healthy and feeling great. With an adorable, black French Bulldog container, Doggy Balm is also a cute decorative addition to any shelf or tabletop.

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