PetSafe 3 in 1 Harness


$51.99 CAD 

  • STOPS PULLING: The vertical martingale loop with front D-ring clip helps you reduce or eliminate pulling by your pet; with no pressure on the delicate throat area, your dog won’t choke, gag or cough
  • GREAT FOR RUNNING: The back leash D-ring makes this the perfect harness for running or jogging with your dog; reflective nylon gives visibility in low light and neoprene padding provides a comfy fit
  • CONTROL IN THE CAR: Keep your furry friend safe by using the convenient car restraint options; use the gray handle on your harness or the adjustable car control strap for an enjoyable, worry-free ride
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: With 5 adjustment points, the PetSafe 3in1 Harness lets you create a custom fit for your dog; convenient tags help you remember where each strap fits: shoulders, center chest or girth
  • EASY REPLACEMENTS: If you ever have damaged or fraying nylon on your harness due to chewing or scratching, call PetSafe’s US-based Customer Care Center and a replacement can be sent for a nominal fee

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