Pet Safe Bark Control


$139.99 CAD 

Does my dog need Bark Control?

Dogs bark for many different reasons but in most cases barking serves as a form of communication. Dog owners will generally recognise four different types of bark; warning, alarm, playful and need. For instance continuous fast barking is a warning, perhaps alerting that someone is entering their home territory, whereas long, drawn-out barks at a high pitch, with pauses between each one indicate that a dog is in need and is possibly lonely.

It is important for dog owners to try to establish why their dog is barking. Some barking may be completely normal, such as when someone knocks at the front door, but other barking may be associated with behavioural problems such as separation anxiety. Bark Control systems should not be used on dogs whose barking is a consequence of an anxiety or stress related condition.

Why should I use Bark Control?

If your dog’s barking is normal but unacceptable then Bark Control may be your solution. Not only do barking dogs disturb their owners they also disturb neighbours, and tenants could face eviction by landlords if their dog’s barking is becoming a nuisance. Unfortunately behavioural therapy to manage barking can take a long time to be effective and sometimes it is necessary to find a solution very quickly.

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