Petsafe Cozy Up Wood Pet Steps Dog 21" (NEW)


$257.99 CAD 

21" has 3 steps.


We designed the CozyUp® Wood Pet Steps for pets who love bedtime snuggles but also need a little help reaching their side of the bed.

Perfect for giving your cat a boost or your dog some joint protection as he ages, these steps give your furry best friends all the independence they need!

The securely attached carpet tread on each step allows even your most nervous pets to confidently walk up and down without fear of sliding or slipping. Your pet deserves the best. Trust PetSafe® to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy.


Independently tested for strength and durability

Carpet tread on each step to keep your pet from slipping

Supports pets up to 200 lb (3 step) or 120 lb (2 step)

Sturdy wooden construction

Cherry wood finish

See sizing chart to find the best fit for your pet

Formerly Solvit™ brand; packaging may vary

Sizing Chart

Number of Steps              Pet Weight      Length   Width    Height

2 Steps, 14 in High           120 lb            16 in      18 in      14 in

3 Steps, 21 in High           200 lb            24 in      18 in      21 in

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