PETSAFE Happy Ride Seat Belt Tether Dog


$14.99 CAD 


The PetSafe® Happy Ride™ Seat Belt Tether lets you safely secure your active dog in the backseat so you and your best friend can enjoy being on the go together. The seat belt tether works with your pup’s Happy Ride™ Safety Harness and adjusts to let you customize his range of mobility in the car. The durable nylon tether and carabiner are simple to set up and will help keep any size furry family member safe while traveling. The PetSafe® Happy Ride™ Seat Belt Tether is just one of the ways we help you and your pet live happy together™.


  • Simple Set Up - The tether is quick and easy to install; simply slip your seat belt through the loop on the tether and connect the carabiner to your dog’s harness
  • Durable - The adjustable nylon strap and carabiner make the tether strong enough to secure even the most active pup
  • Universal Design - The tether is adjustable and works in most cars, trucks and SUVs
  • Decreases Driver Distraction - The tether keeps your furry family members safely secure in their seat so you can stay focused on the road
  • Suitable for All Sizes - The tether is suitable for any size furry family member
  • Compatible - The tether works with all sizes of the PetSafe® Happy Ride™ Safety Harness

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