Planet Dog Twinkle Bone Large (Blue) SALE

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This bone shaped dog toy comes in brilliant blue and sparkling red with a glitter in the color. Sizes range from extra small to large. These toy bones are made of eco friendly ingredients - right here in the USA. Orbee Tuff toys are made of non toxic ingredients and are totally recyclable. They are lightly mint scented which makes them attractive to the people involved in the play as well as the dogs.

The bone material has some "give" to it, which makes it a comfortable toy for older dogs and teething puppies.Planet Dog rates all of their toys on the chomp-o-meter and this bone scores a 3 out of 5 - intended for average chewers. Even these tough toys should not be left down with an unsupervised dog as tiny pieces may break off. Most dogs can chew on these toys for years (literally) with no damage to the toy.

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