PoochieBells® The Original Dog Doorbell Classic Plaid Collection Royalty 25"


$23.99 CAD 

PoochieBells® Classic Plaid collection designs feature timeless combinations of color in classic striped designs, relevant to any home decor style. Woven stripes are on front of each ribbon with solid white on the back of each. All PoochieBells are individually handcrafted with USA-made, lead-free, smooth, safe, reinforced bells which are designed especially for your pooch. Look for the paw print insignia designating a true PoochieBells®. Each comes complete with two sets of bells measuring approximately 26″ from your doorknob or hook, and easy proven training instructions.


  • Each PoochieBell includes a paper training instructions tag
  • 95%-proven successful training method
  • Two sets of strategically-placed bells allow use for all sizes and breeds
  • Custom-made, paw-safe bells (look for the inscribed pawprint) Crafted from heavy-duty metal with a polished finish
  • Four bells on each PoochieBells® unit allow you to easily hear them ring, without being overbearing
  • Endorsed and preferred by professional trainers and breeders
  • Full-color front & back on solid collection PoochieBells

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