Pretty Paw Santorini Ocean (NEW)

Pretty Paw


The Santorini Ocean harness is channelled by the city of Santorini in Greece, which is one of the Cyclades Islands that was devastated by volcanic eruption in the 16th Century BC. The intensity of the cerulean, sea blue tones mirrors the immense power of the deep ocean with the splendour symphony of azure and aquamarine hues defined within the wool weaving. The delicate, embroidered needlework in the indigo shades of cobalt compliments this exquisite, royal oxford ribbing. While the Shih Tzu dogs are well known for their playful personality and their calm, friendly temperament, the mix with the Poodle known as a breed of water dog creates the best of both canines.

item number: HA2023SO
special feature: Front Gold “D” Ring
fabric ingredients:
70% WOOL

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