Ranger by Zeus Anti-Bark Collar - Large


$39.99 CAD 

The Ranger by Zeus Anti-Bark Collar for large dogs safely and humanely helps reduce excessive barking with the gentle use of sound and vibration-pain free & shock free.

This collar offers a choice of two different training modes (sound or vibration), which allow you to select the mode that best works for you and your dog.

The sound mode emits a high frequency sound that deters dogs from barking; the vibration mode releases a vibration every time your dog barks. Low and high settings allow you to adjust the level accordingly.

The Ranger by Zeus Anti-Bark Collar is an excellent way to curb your dog's excessive barking. This collar is also available for small dogs.

Key Features :

  • Lightweight, adjustable collar
  • Snap buckle for easy fastening
  • Water Resistant
  • For large dogs over 11.3 kg (+25 lbs), neck size 38 cm - 66 cm (15in - 26in)
  • Adjustable collar with snap buckle
  • 2 modes (sound and vibration), 3 settings (low, medium and high)
  • Batteries included (3 x L44 1.5 volts)

Visit www.hagen.com/zeus-ranger for more information on how to fit the collar, training tips and much more.

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