Resco - Finishing Comb SALE


$24.99 CAD $49.99 CAD

It’s a joy when you put the finishing touches on a well-groomed dog with the Resco® Pro- Style Finishing Comb.  Extra long comb—10”—makes you feel like you have a longer arm to get at hard to reach areas like the hind quarters of a large dog.  Extra long teeth—1 1/2”—and tapered teeth let you get into all areas of the coat for a perfectly finished grooming.  Special powder-coated pins are anti-static and gentle--so you don’t break the coat hairs.  The Resco® Pro- Style Finishing Comb is perfect for finishing a beautiful dog.
  • Tapered steel pins--with special powder coating--lets you glide through the animal’s coat without irritation.  No static cling!
  • Ergonomic grip--light-weight aluminum, colorfully anodized with contrasting white comb teeth.Extra-long comb helps reach those hard-to-get areas.
  • Two different tooth spacings—Medium-Fine and Coarse-Fine.  Medium-Fine for shorter coats and fewer tangles.  Coarse-Fine for longer coats and more tangles.

Your Resco® Pro-Style Finishing Comb is a great tool for putting the finishing touches on a show dog:  Fluff and smooth the coat with the coarse or medium teeth then use the fine detail to put the finishing touches on around the eyes and toes--no switching combs!  Now you’re ready for the show ring or to present the dog to a proud owner.

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