Resploot Toy – Hawksbill Turtle – Australia – 22 x 24 cm (9 x 9.5 in)


$15.99 CAD 

Key features:

  • Sustainable toys, great for playing fetch and light tug to prevent boredom and provide healthy play.
  • Loveable, fun-faced toy for dog 
  • SPECIFICATION: Made of PET polyester fabric (Recycle Plastic Bottle Fabric).
  • SIZE: Medium – 22 x 24 cm (8.75 x 9.5 in)

TOY STORY: Hawksbills are found mainly throughout the world's tropical oceans, predominantly in coral reefs. They help maintain the health of coral reefs and sea grass beds. In some areas, their shells have high value and are commonly sold in markets because of their colours and patterns. Pollution is also detrimental to the turtles. 52% of the world's turtles have ingested plastic waste.

CR: critically endangered

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