Rogz Cat Collars - Glamcat - small SALE


$4.99 CAD $9.99 CAD

Rogz Glam Cat Collars. 3/8", fully adjustable for a neck size from 8-12". This allows the break-away load of the buckle to be adjusted to open at +6.6lbs, +8.8lbs and +11lbs. This will accommodate different size cats being able to break out of their collar. Glam Cat collars are proof that any kitty can "glam-it-up" if he or she wants to by wearing the textured foil-printed snake-skin polyurethane Glam Cat collar with its non-static, soft and fluffy, polyester backing. With no open ends or sharp edges and a removable color-coded bell, your kitty will most assuredly be the talk of the town! Suitable for most cat breeds and sizes and available in gold and silver colours.

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