Rogz Cat Collars - Kiddy Cat - Blue Star Small SALE


$4.99 CAD $9.99 CAD

Rogz Kiddy Cat Collars. 3/8-Inch, fully adjustable for a neck size from 8-12-Inch. Not only is the Kiddy Cat collar fitted with the Rogz BreakAway Safety Buckle which allows your kitty to break out of their collar should the collar become snagged, but it also now has  the new patented Variable Load Safeloc Buckle feature. This allows the break-away load of the buckle to be adjusted to open at Plus6.6lbs, Plus8.8lbs and Plus11lbs. This will accommodate different size cats being able to break out of their collar. Fitted with a removable and color-coded bell and made with polyester webbing and our new Mojo-sublimation process, Kiddy Cat collars are scratch resistant with no open ends or sharp edges so kitty can wear his or her collar in absolute comfort.

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