Rogz - Rhinohide Buckle Coker - Aqua Patch Blue 23-28" SALE


$6.70 CAD $13.40 CAD

Rogz 4 Dogz have produced these innovative Amphibian range of dog buckle collars. These collars have been developed by Rogz with "Rogz Rubba Webba Fusion Technology" which consist of funky graphic designs on a Rubba overlay attached to material webbing.

The perfect wet and dry solution for dogs living a life full of surprises. 

These collars are heavy duty, and come with fashionable chrome buckles.

Caution: - Rogz 4 Dogz has been known to lead to out of control tail wagging!

The Rhino collar range are 25mm wide and are suitable for a neck size of between 58cm to 70cm.

Sutiable for:
This collar is for the Large dog breeds such as Labrador, Dobermann, Boxer, German Shepherd, Collie and similar sized breeds.

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