Safari Dog Shedding Comb With Rotating Teeth Dog


$14.99 CAD 

Easily groom your dog's coat with the Safari® Shedding Dog Comb with Rotating Teeth! The comb reduces shedding and removes loose hair from even the thickest dog coats. The long rounded teeth penetrate deep into the undercoat, while the comb's short teeth collect loose hair. Your dog won't fuss during grooming thanks to the the comb's soft, rotating teeth which gently pull through the coat. Grooming is simple: Begin by combing at the head working toward the tail and down the legs, covering small sections at a time. Comb in the direction of hair growth until all tangles are removed. Use regularly to keep your dog's coat healthy and beautiful!


  • Reduces shedding to keep your dog and home clean.
  • Helps to ensure a healthy, beautiful coat.
  • Gentle rotating teeth comfortably pull through your dog's coat.
  • Long rounded teeth penetrate deep into the undercoat while short teeth collect loose hair.
  • Effective, easy-to-use design.



Great for Long Hair. Great for Short Hair.


Excellent solution to reduce shedding and remove loose hair.

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