Simple Solution - Washable Cover-Ups - Female - 2 Pack


$29.99 CAD 

Try on for size, then wash before use. Simple Solution Cover-Ups are easy to wash and dry! Attach the adjustable strips to prevent snagging, wash the garment separately in warm water on the gentle cycle and line-dry.

Small: 8-15lb 4-7kg 12-19" 30-48cm

Medium: 15-35lb 7-16kg 15-23" 38-58cm

Large: 35-55lb 16-25kg 18-27" 45-68cm 

XL: 55-90lb 25-40kg 22-35" 56-89cm 

  • Incontinence
  • Females in Heat
  • Travel
  • Includes 1 pink & 1 purple washable garment

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