Smoochy Poochy Nylon Training Lead (NEW)

Smoochy Poochy

$30.00 CAD 
Available for pre-order

Smoochy Poochy’s training leads (also called long lines), are available in classic black nylon webbing.

The long lines give your dog freedom on their walks, helpful while training and are an effective way to practice recall.

NOTE: These leads are not designed to be used as a tie-out.

Product info

  • LEASH MATERIAL:  Durable nylon webbing.
  • CLEANING:  Hand wash or spot clean nylon leads with a gentle cleaning product.
  • CHEWING:  Nylon webbing is not chew proof.
  • COLOUR:  Colour swatches and colour pictures may vary on different screens.
  • DIMENSIONS:  Product dimensions may vary slightly.

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