Steel Dog Ball Birds – Chicken w/Tennis Ball

Triton Animal Supplies Inc.

$17.49 CAD 

Ball Birds features:


  • Long-lasting & Tough—your dog will play all day!
  • A Surprise Inside—inside every toy is another toy to enjoy!
  • Noiseless—with no squeaker, your ears are safe!
  • Chew-O-Meter Rating—each toy is rated on a gentle to tough scale so you know how long it will last for your dog!


Product Description:


It may not be deep-fried, but this chicken will be just as appetizing to your dog’s playful side. With a soft plush physique, feathered tail, and tennis ball body, this is one free-range chicken you will love! Each plush includes a Chew-O-Meter rating, ranging from gentle to tough, so you know just how well it will stand up to your dog. Even if they do succeed in tearing through, there is a tennis ball toy waiting inside—two toys in one!





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